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“Content is King!”

I bet you have heard this phrase at least once. If you haven’t heard it, you just read it! 😉

Either it is an online marketing campaign or a traditional one, without the right content, your campaigns will not perform well. But which content is exactly the king!? Images, Videos, or Blogs? This is the most common dilemma of many business owners who want to take their brand to the next level through digital marketing and advertising.

Let me give you a piece of crisp information about Content Marketing and its importance in achieving your Digital Marketing goals!

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing refers to creating, publishing, and distributing (sharing) content for a targeted audience through social media and other platforms on the internet. The content can be in the form of images, videos, and text. Content Marketing helps in achieving digital marketing goals such as brand promotion, improving brand recognition, attracting new customers, engaging with the audience, improving your sales, etc.

“Remember that the key to creating better content for your audience is to know your audience!”

Why Content Marketing is important in Digital Marketing?

Content marketing is at the heart of a successful digital marketing campaign. Behind every great brand, there is a wealth of valuable and relevant content that helps in connecting with the right audience. Let’s have a look at the benefits of Content Marketing:

  • Includes the common advantages of other Digital Marketing practices such as cost-effective, target global audience, target new markets, and monitor & leverage trends in the industry, create a two-way medium to interact with your customers, know & target your audiences through Audience Insights, competitive Analysis to keep an eye on competitors, etc.
  • Improve brand reputation and builds trust
  • Good content helps in sales conversions
  • Contributes towards your SEO goals
  • Presenting unique qualities through unique content exhibits your expertise
  • Content Marketing contributes towards creating a funnel to attract audiences and convert them into customers
  • Helps you K.O. your competitor

So, no matter the size of your business, Content Marketing helps you to boost your brand visibility, recognition, and create a strong relationship with your customers and leads.

“Content is the major input of your marketing campaigns! No content means no proper output!”

What are the types of Content?

The following are the various types of contents used in Digital Marketing:


Using images in your content is a great way to gain engagement. A human brain needs 1/10 of a second to understand an image and can understand visual information 6 times better than to a thing being read or heard. Posts with images get 94% more views compared to the posts without images. If you have a copy, make sure to post it with a relevant image!


Videos category is particularly on the rise these days. According to studies, views for branded content on YouTube have been doubled over the last three years while Facebook has seen major growth of 258%. Making a video can be a bit expensive but can certainly give a great boost to your online presence!

Ephemeral or Temporary Content

Ephemeral content is available for a short period to be viewed. Stories on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are the best examples. It has been seen that stories on such platforms go 15% faster than sharing the content in your feed.


Text Content can be in the form of Blogs, Case Studies, White Papers, eBooks, etc. Among these, blogs are a great means to push your online presence. They contribute to bringing up your links in the search engine results for the targeted keywords. Nobody likes to read blogs that are just focused around telling out the greatness of a product or service. Here, you need to present your blogs as a source filled with useful information to the readers.

For example, let’s consider that you sell wireless earphones. As they don’t have long wires, it means that they do not tangle. You can write a blog sharing tips that will help the users to keep their earphones safe from getting tangled. One tip you can add here is telling them to buy wireless earphones! This will be your showtime. Make sure to keep your blog posts in the ratio of 80:20 – 80% informational and 20% promotional content.

User-Generated Content

Any form of content that has been created and published/posted by the users about your product to online platforms is known as User Generated Content/User Created Content. Such posts when shared on social channels create a great impact to expand your posts’ reach. They show a 28% higher engagement rate compared to other forms of social media postings. Rewarding a customer for their posts can encourage them and others to make such posts again. User-Generated Content can help you gain the trust of others as people, generally, trust information from the people they know!

I hope you got an idea about Content Marketing and its importance in Digital Marketing. Keep visiting our blog to learn new methods to promote your brand digitally on an individual basis. How is this blog article? Drop your comments below to discuss your queries, to give feedback and suggestions. If you want to have a professional touch and act according to a well-planned strategy in improving your brand presence on the Internet, we will be happy to help. Email us your requirements at

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