Welcome To iWordie – What Will You Get Here?

Hello reader!

Welcome to the launch of the new iWordie website and my first blog post!

My name is Mohammed Ilyas of iWordie Content Solutions and I am so excited to share with you MORE of what iWordie has to offer! The number of ideas, How-To, and inspiration whirling around in my head is ready to jump out. I wanted to start by telling you why I created this blog, and what you will be seeing more of in my posts.

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Content Marketing – Introduction, Benefits, Importance & Types Of Content

Content is King!

I bet you have heard this phrase at least once. If you haven’t heard it, you just read it! LoL!

Either it is an online marketing campaign or a traditional one, without the right content, your campaigns will not perform well. But which content is exactly the king!? Images, Videos, or Blogs? This is the most common dilemma of many business owners who want to take their brand to the next level through digital marketing and advertising.